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Yak-1 early version from MODELSVIT 1:48

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Most of my model kit I have built only with a foto copy of this type. Some times ago I get the kit from MODELSVIT in scale 1:48, a Yak-1 early series. I was happy by first look and also to I have had a opinion that will be not a problem to find some interesting foto copies.yak-1_modelsvit

My book collection about Yak-aircraft fighters I hoped is very good. I have collected many articles from my time in exGDR . Also to I have the books “Soviet Air Force Figthing Colors” and the newest book “Yakovlev Figthers of WWII”. AND … I have from AJpress the book titel “Jak-1/3” (#13) and some other. But I was astonished me while I not found fotos from early seres. Wow – and many mistakes in text und picture captions I found in english, but also too in russian sources! What the matter now?The best sources of scale drawing I found only in AJpress publication und good text and only little pictures in “Jakovlev Fighters”.

Then understand the problem. The first series was built only with around 64 aircrafts. Some aircraft was destroyed by test flights. Some other was tested in some russian squadrons and this was top secret. Therefore you cannot find many fotos from early series from this time. The other is that some foto shows only temporaly markings, no Numbers or insteresting slogans.

The next is, die production was in beginnig. Some production places has had problems with canon armaments and material, also new factory works must be retrain.

Most of fotos you can find in WWW are not early series!

The next: this model kit has a uncomplete description.Some kit parts are only false without additional description!

Please let me little put in order:

The box art shows a I-26 of the 1th and 2th series from factory n° 301. This model you can built, but without additional descritption it is a problem:

This prototype has a super aircharger under the engine area between remaining landing gear cover and not in the wing root, it has no landing spotlight on the left wing nose and also it has only small cannon outlet.



But if you want not built a prototype then you must very good shows the next scale drawing (sources: AJPress #13 JAk1/3) Sorry my descriptions on the drawing was only in German Zdziwienie

Click with mouse wheel only! Śmiech The aircraft of an early series has a few other fuselage details!!

I have found on a russian website a full colored picture – this is my favorite for a early serie.

The red “23” is in nice camouflage, can built with only two three conversions (see top the drawing: antenna wire, mofified landing gear covers and rockets under both wings)

Interesting are the unpainted metal parts on the tail and wing roots Puszcza oczko

The MONTEX camouflage is not ready to use, but all other ist good for my model!

O.k. – I began to built my model kit two days ago after my recherche. This is also a fine thing to get some surprizes. All parts you must cut only with a mini saw. Otherwise you can demage many plastic parts.

And – please do use many many times for your built. Behind every corner wait a surprize of you:

First surprize blue area! Zdziwienie

I must cut the red parts. Only then fuselage can be customized with the wing and interiors.

Fuselage and wing are good to gether now:

I think wing spotlight is too big. So I have clear this position with putty, open a hool for clear inject molding part and put it in this position. Then I sanding and polished this part.

And now – i have no decals fpr my red “23” version. I will use the airbrush mask from MONTEX. For me no Problem, I used these in last time often.

First step – all position for red marking/ stars wil be in underground white. The numbers and some stars will be with white outline. Put the parts on right position and than you can make red color with freehand airbrush


Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Burkhard Otto


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