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Conversion BF-109G A-6 1/48

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Since long times a Bf 109G-14 from UM (ICM-copy?) kit was in my kit collection. It is not a super kit.

I have build this ICM kit some times ago as Bf 109F-4 (JG-3)I know that many kit error are waiting for me.

The clear kit parts would be rather sandblasted. Therefore some spare parts must help from my rest parts box.

As always I use some photo templates for my new project. (source: flicker/

A conversion set in scale 1/48 was never available. So I need to create an enlarged bulge itself. It was not easy. It takes a lot of patience and tranquility. But I think with green putty and a little courage you can do a good job.

The kit just married: all major part groups are glued! First national decal part is on the tail ruder. Her is the oil tank in green, later I chnaged this, but I think it can be a mistake?

One problem I must to think again accurate. The color of the oil tank behing the propeller can be in green or not. (see top photos  again).

After a long consultation with my friend I decided to change dark green color of oil tank in front of engine and the spinners . Model and original image are now well.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Burkhard Otto

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