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Bf 110G-4, 1:48 Revell 1997

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Well here is my corrently finished work of

Bf 110G-4, Stab I./ NJG4 mit FuG220 SN und Flensburg-FuG (1:48 Revell 1997)

It is an old model – from 1997. In long times it was a good model. Now we know the EDUARD kit. But I can’t throw away these old kits – better I built it with all problems and have fun! 🙂

I started my projekt in September last year with a picture template I found in my collection and in eBay:

Major Herget flow this a/c as Group Cap. He was a highly decorated night hunting ace in German Luftwaffe NJG4.

These three fotos give me good inspiration for a Model with more of OOB-Built. And here my built pictures with little comments!

(1) The color template are not teh best, I found two versions und mind the middle way is the best result !

Then I open the REVELL/ Monogram/ ProModeler kit box I see a interesting result of parts and version for a Bf 110G-4. This kit was long times the best, what we found in scale 1/48. (Revell news 1997). Promodeller has interesting decals, but not to used for my version  =-O But I compare the kit parts with my photo template and must decide which parts are to be used:

  • “Schrägbewaffnung” used or not? (upward-firing canon)
  • Bomb raks used or not?
  • kit antenna parts correct or not
  • I have mask for these cockpit? (inside/ outside)
  • one or two antenna wires from cockpit to tail?

Well, I have decide for “Schrägbewaffnung”, bomb raks, two antenna wire. From MONTEX I found a mask für version G-2, also to used for G-4 – no problem.

Then I cut the first part of wing, fuselage and tail for a “dry test”. I get a shock, as the assembly of wing can supposed to work. Absolutly unusual for a kit modeler when I only use a construction plane for clearing part problems!

But let me begin with my picture report:

  • Airbrush: Triplex (German quallity product)
  • resin parts from AIRES, Attention, the gun covering is to small  but no problem, if you put this part lie down.

my self-made Flensburg FuG with 0,02mm copper wire an 0.03mm hollow plastic chopsticks.

Problem: different underside profil between left and right wing :Krzyk

the tail is’nt orrect and must shorten quickly!

Preshading with permanent marker black! Very easy and quickly!

RLM 75 (at first) and RLM 74 is airbrushed … now it is the first step of Day/ Nigth-Figther-Camouflage

canopy airbrush with Montex Mask

Great problems I have had with shark’s mouth. I use a rigth side from Eduard. But the white underground is not in good quality. Now I do think about these decals sheet to change with a other decal or to create new with airbrsuh template  and here ist the result:

Balkenkreuz template (made in Poland)

selfmade markings LB + (White outline!)

I used the EDUARD-decal from E-version, but the colors are not opaque. 
With white and red color I have make some corrections on this marking and so I find it is a solide work for old Revell-kit.

now comes the rest of identifier markings and a little detail. Complete marking is 3C + LB 3C I have used old “typofix” letters – self-adhesive from a former architectura l firm in Berlin. They used these letters for register cards. I used them for my modell. 
And the right auxilary underwing tank has a little front dent. I make the same in scale 48. Spoko

the color RLM 76 was within 1 hour on the model. The day fighter painting is now brightened.

Then I built the new pitot tube. It made with plastic tube and copper wire. The pitot tube was moved inwards and mounted downstream. Also I have the canopy mounted with back machine gun. The antenna wires were built in extruded plastic tubes (max. 0.05 mm) threaded through the antenna mast and fixed.Likewise, I have the pilot’s seat refined with belts (self made – not etched)

I finisched antenna and canon installation and … I will change the color of wheel hub in black!  The MK108 left gun barel I have extended, the resin part was to short. Now wait some remaining parts (front and side panel of canopy and a little bow cover).

Same color change (white red white FUG220 [SCHATTON Germany]), some a/c stencils on the fuselage and upper wing and then it can be a rollout!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Burkhard Otto

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